What is unique about It Clicks Coaching?

We don't provide answers, remedies, solutions, fixes or snake oil.  We do provide a safe space for deep conversations, processes, tools, explorations, and experiences for each individual to surface his/her own solutions to whatever the challenge is that he/she faces in the moment.   We invite participation in an experience of community through our blogs and web events with people of like minds/hearts, focusing on a perception of possibility.

What's in it for you?

The potential for discovering something about yourself that has not been apparent to you, the potential to get un-stuck from whatever mud you are trying to walk through, the potential to see the proverbial rainbow that follows the downpour and the blue sky that emerges after dark clouds.  The possibility that you too are a bright light in the universe.

What is our expertise?

With a combined experience base of over 70 years in executive and administrative positions, consulting, education, and coaching, we have accumulated a set of tools, approaches and protocols that have helped thousands.    We have worked at the highest levels internationally and with diverse populations.  We have worked with all ages and in all walks of life: from Mom and Pop enterprises to fortune 100 companies, in large, medium and small groups to indiviuals.  We specialize in the following areas of coaching expertise:

  • Communication and Conversations
    • with difficult people
    • with teens and young adults
    • with peers, subordinates and executives
    • with significant others
  • Change
    • personal behaviors
    • organizational
    • communication patterns
  • Planning and Decision Making
    • strategic
    • long and short term
    • values based
    • career paths
  • Conflict
    • resolution
    • mediation
  • Processes
    • training and instructional design
    • on-line course design
    • group facilitation
    • leadership development
    • teambuilding
    • organizational systems design
    • learning organizations