Homeschooling Help For Parents

Homeschooling Help For Parents


How to teach to your child’s unique learning style to improve their academic and life outcomes.

Is your child struggling with feelings of frustration, anxiety, and discouragement?

Does your child dread learning?

Has homeschooling become a battle?

There is a better way!
Being book smart isn’t the only path to success. Every child deserves to reach their full potential and you can help your child do so by learning how they learn best by discovering their unique intelligence. This seminar will help you focus on your child’s individual needs and provide an education that supports the heart of who your child is.

In this seminar you will learn:

• Howard Gardner’s 10 Multiple Intelligences

• Evidence based strategies to help you teach to your child’s unique intelligence

• How to customize lessons and help your child become a real-world problem solver

• How your child best learns and allowing them to work through their strengths to experience success

• How to make learning enjoyable, build confidence, and instill a love of learning in your child

• How to fully engage your child in learning and their schoolwork, while strengthening your bond with your child and finally,

• How to actually enjoy spending time together learning.