I am grateful to have Beth Tracy in my life and to provide my opinion about my families experiences with her. She is vibrant and her passion for life is overflowing. I have had the opportunity to observe as she has traveled this journey we call "life" and I have watched her fail and succeed, but mostly, I have seen her persevere and then thrive! Beth has been through many storms and has learned to successfully navigate through almost any curve ball life has thrown her way. Her past experiences have enabled her to develop successful strategies in dealing with challenging situations and hardships, as well as opportunities that required good decision-making skills. Beth is a warm and compassionate woman who is skillful in guiding and supporting others as they walk their individual paths.

Beth has been a tremendous influence in the lives of my two adult children. She has walked closely with each of them individually as they encountered various trials and obstacles. As they were learning conflict resolution and effective communication skills, she skillfully guided them in discovering their own truths with just the right balance of sitting down talking to a friend and providing them with the framework needed to continue learning and improving their skills to make good decisions and improve their relationships. They have both told me they felt supported and encouraged to confidently overcome the challenging situations they were experiencing. I am forever grateful to have Beth Tracy in my life! Debbie, RN, BSN Providence Milwaukie Hospital



I have worked with Beth Tracy first in her role as a Communications Trainer and then in a one-on-one Coaching situation. I found her to be skilled and knowledgeable in both areas and I was able to reap the benefits of the processes she guided me through and I now feel confident in my ability to use this process on my own with any problem or decision I may encounter. She also shared relevant resources and personal experiences that were applicable to my situation and made the process easier by helping me to see my own personal path. By learning more about myself in general, as well as my communication style, strengths and weaknesses, my performance at work, in school, and my personal relationships have greatly improved and I feel empowered to handle any situation that before would have left me an emotional mess spiraling out of control in fear and confusion. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Beth not only because of her expertise, but also her obvious passion for what she does, and the genuine care I experienced with her in every encounter. I felt safe to explore areas that had once overwhelmed me and discover new truths about myself I was once unwilling to examine. Janice Ericson, Clifton Park NY


It was a pleasure to work with Beth Tracy as she mentored and coached my husband and I to help improve our communication and ultimately our relationships with our kids and in our marriage. She offered her expertise in a down to earth and personable way and also helped guide us by showing us relevant strategies we were easily able to put into practice while communicating with not only our kids, but with each other as well. Our family is stronger and much happier now that we know how to effectively communicate and resolve conflict. Beth really cares about everyone she works with and she even goes out of her way to individualize her services to meet everyone's needs.
Karen & John Dunlap, Menands, NY


"Working with Sue Catana is amazing! She knows what needs to be done and how to get there. With just the right mix of patience, compassion and encouragement, Dr. C will help take your leadership and performance to the next level."
Greg, former police chief


I brought Dr. Catana into various organizations over the years, from New York to California. She conducted strategic planning, facilitated workgroups, and conducted workshops for staff to further their personal and professional development and to change the culture of the organization. Her approach changed the way I understood leadership and the power of co-creation. I became a much more effective leader because of what I learned from her.
Iíve never worked with anyone who had such a profound effect on organizations and the lives of people who worked with her. She helped me change the framework I used to engage in the world which impacted my personal and professional life.
Sharon, former state administrator


I would like to offer my personal and professional experience working with Sue Catana. In my past, as part of my job I contracted with Sue to provide coaching support to employees. Sue was able to help address areas of improvement that resulted in better performance and eventually promotions for individuals. In addition, to coaching Sue supported facilitation between parties to help move the company forward with change events. On a personal level, Sue provided me guidance and support as I worked on my masterís as well as coaching that helped me advance my career and grow as a person and mother. The coaching was key to my past success. I would endorse Sue in this newest endeavor and know that she will provide the best service and support to whomever embraces this process. I know I have benefited both personally and professionally from Sueís expertise.
Sheridian, MS, SPHR Professional

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